This is a new major release of Parlatype with many new features and new translations.

  • NEW: Added a ruler to waveviewer (turn on/off in preferences)
  • NEW: Cursor fixed or moving (set in preferences)
  • NEW: Set resolution of waveviewer in preferences
  • NEW: Introducing selections in waveviewer (select with left mouse button, enlarge with shift, unselect with Escape button)
  • NEW: At the end of selection, clicking on Play will repeat the selection
  • NEW: Waveviewer or cursor can be focused and moved (keyboard)
  • NEW: Waveviewer supports right-to-left languages
  • NEW: Use a menubar if preferred by desktop environment (e.g. Unitiy, Xfce)
  • NEW: “Follow-cursor” button jumps to cursor position
  • NEW: Time label can be drag’n’dropped
  • Updated help pages, screenshots and documentation

New or updated translations:

  • ca: VPablo
  • de: Gabor Karsay
  • en_GB: Anthony Harrington
  • es: VPablo
  • fr: archi02
  • id: Ari Setyo Wibowo
  • it: Luca Ciavatta
  • ka: Slimane Amiri, Belkacem Mohammed
  • ku: Rokar
  • lv: Jānis Marks Gailis
  • ms: abuyop
  • pt: Vitor Loureiro

Thanks to all translators, bug reporters, contributors!

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