This is a maintenance release with bugfixes and new translations.

Bugfixes and minor changes

  • Several bugs fixed that appeared in GTK+ 3.20 and 3.22 including a nasty bug where the waveform was not visible at all (bug #5)
  • Fixed/improved volume control (bug #10)
  • Several memory leaks fixed
  • Fixed regression: didn’t jump to cursor on opening file
  • Fixed some artifacts in waveform rendering
  • Fixed rendering waveform if widget changes size (no blank space)
  • Reacts immediately to theme changes
  • New shortcuts for zooming in and out
  • New: space bar toggles play/pause if in keyboard focus

New or updated translations

  • de: Gabor Karsay
  • es: Adolfo Jayme
  • ku: Rokar
  • lt: Moo
  • ms: abuyop
  • nl: Heimen Stoffels
  • pt: Bruno Barreto
  • sr: Томица Кораћ

Note on upgrading from previous versions

In this version the application ID was changed and the old application ID might still be lingering around on your disk. As a result you may have two desktop starters named “Parlatype”. In that case please delete /usr/share/applications/org.gnome.parlatype.desktop. You can also delete /usr/share/appdata/org.gnome.parlatype.appdata.xml. Your preferences were stored under the old application ID, with the new one you have the default preferences again. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Note for packagers

If your package keeps track of installed files, the following files were renamed in this release:


Their new names are:


There is a new file:


And the LibreOffice Helpers are now installed in


Known bugs

  • With Wayland, the option “Start on top” doesn’t work at all and “Remember position” remembers only the window’s size, not the position.

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