This is a bugfix and maintenance release.

Bugfixes and minor changes

  • Waveform not displayed on KDE/Plasma desktop, issue #12
  • Pitch changes with GStreamer 1.2, issue #15
  • Don’t show options that are not available on Wayland, issue #7
  • In GNOME help, showing the complete list of help documents, Parlatype’s icon is shown again. This was a regression introduced with version 1.5.1.
  • Changed icon for action menu to GNOME default icon.
  • New: added a symbolic icon, shown in GNOME shell (with GTK+ 3.16 or later)
  • New: added a shortcut window (with GTK+ 3.20 or later)
  • New: enabled D-Bus activation (no visible change for users)

New or updated translations

  • de: Gabor Karsay
  • fr: archi02
  • ja: Shinichirou Yamada
  • lt: Moo

Signed tarball

The tarball is signed now. If you download the tarball and the corresponding .asc file you can verify the signature with:

$ gpg --verify parlatype-1.5.2.tar.gz.asc

Download source