This is a major release of Parlatype with some new features.

New features and bug fixes

  • New: Automatic speech recognition with CMU Sphinx
  • New: Design changes, including removal of application menu, fix #22
  • New: Use symbolic icons, fix #47
  • New: Custom timestamps, fix #37
  • New: Option to repeat file at the end pressing “Play”, fix #59
  • New: Open new files from directory last used, fix #43
  • Fix: LibreOffice helpers didn’t work with menu buttons, fix #53
  • Fix: Use Unicode for nice typography
  • Build system changed to Meson

New or updated translations

  • cs: fri
  • de: Gabor Karsay
  • en_GB: Stephan Woidowski
  • ja: Shinichirou Yamada
  • lt: Moo
  • pl: Piotr Drąg
  • pt_BR: Rodrigo Macedo

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