This is a minor release of Parlatype with some changes.

Changes and bug fixes

  • New: Automatic speech recognition (ASR) is now disabled by default and it’s only shown, if parlatype is launched with the new parameter --with-asr
  • New: Parlatype can be built without ASR (build option asr=false)
  • New: libreoffice helpers’ AppStream ID renamed (hyphen instead of underscore)
  • Fix: Initialize i18n for library, fixes not shown translations in Flatpak or non-standard prefixes
  • Fix: All memory leaks discovered with Valgrind in test suite
  • Fix: All issues discovered with Clang Static Analyzer

Note on ASR

Automatic speech recognition is a working feature, however, I’m not satisfied with the user experience and the actual results.

You have to find and download speech model data for your language. This step is described in the help pages, but I can’t give any support beyond that.

The results for general speech recognition are not overwhelming with the current ASR engine and given the fact that many languages are missing speech model data, I decided to hide this feature by default.

New or updated translations

  • ar: Ibrahim Saed
  • cs: fri
  • de: Gabor Karsay
  • en_GB: Stephan Woidowski
  • es: Adolfo Jayme
  • nl: Heimen Stoffels
  • pl: Piotr Drąg

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