This is a major release of Parlatype with new features.

New features

  • Waveform is loaded on-the-fly, there is no blocking progress dialog. This brings an API bump in libparlatype.
  • Waveform can be changed continuously instead of in discrete steps.
  • Application ID has been changed to org.parlatype.Parlatype and the homepage moved to
  • LibreOffice helpers (macros) have been split from the main repository and turned into a LibreOffice extension.
  • New D-Bus method GetURI to get currently playing file’s URI.
  • Internal modularization (PtController objects control Parlatype).
  • Event handling is more compatible with GTK 4.
  • Parlatype builds on Windows, there is no feature parity though.

Download Parlatype source

Download Parlatype LibreOffice Extension