I’m proud to present Parlatype 2.1 together with Parlatype LibreOffice Extension 2.1.

Parlatype saw some improvements in volume handling with Pulseaudio, e.g. it doesn’t change the system volume but just its own application specific volume. Volume can be muted with a right-click on the volume button now.

Although it’s just a minor release, there were major improvements for the Windows port and Parlatype should be now equally usable on Windows 10 as on Linux.

Thanks to Launchpad translators there are updated translations for Australian English, Brazilian Portuguese, British English, Catalan, German, Finnish, French, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Russian and Spanish.

Parlatype LibreOffice Extension gained a new toolbar icon to insert timestamps and tries to open Parlatype as a Flatpak if it’s not installed in a traditional way.

The Extension also works now on Windows 10 just like on Linux.

Languages with new translation for the Extension are Australian English, German, Finnish, French, Italian and Spanish.

The links below give you more detailed release notes, source code, an installable extension (Parlatype.oxt) and a Windows installer:

Download Parlatype source

Download Parlatype LibreOffice Extension